Campaign Design
Embracing diversity: A campaign that illuminates a kaleidoscope of work and practices.

ROSKI’s Annual Student Exhibition is the most important event of the year for creatives at USC in which USC Roski School of Art and Design showcases student work in the Fisher museum. This exhibition comprises various mediums, focuses, and stories. To encompass the fluidity and diversity of the different types of work and practices that will display in this exhibition, I designed its campaign identity off of the overarching graphic of an abstract form that embodies a spectrum of colors.

Carefully Selected by the Roski School’s design department and committee, I took on the role of creating three campaign looks or graphic directions for the committee to review and choose. After their confirmation, I was responsible for creating the assets with required copy and information for printing and display, with the final approval from Fisher staff. 

These assets included: Title Blocks (used for online and social media), Postcards (for student promotion and for mailing to promote the show), Student Posters (given to faculty to post on bulletin boards), Exhibition Poster (placed on entry wall inside museum), Museum Promotion Posters (posted in signage cases at the front and back museum doors), Banner (hung outside by museum staff),TV Monitors (1920 x 1080 pixels).

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ROSKI Annual Exhibition
ROSKI Annual ExhibitionROSKI Annual ExhibitionROSKI Annual ExhibitionROSKI Annual ExhibitionROSKI Annual Exhibition
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