Shaping a sensation of monotony through repetition.

Stuck in Time is a series of animation that convey the sensation of monotony in which the repetitive routine-like nature of everyday life contributes to the sense of being stuck within time. Humans and the things around us seem to be just going through the motions of their routine without purpose. This redundancy numbs our ability to feel and diminishes our sensibility to the passion we used to feel. Being continuously stuck seems like a paradox in which we are progressing and grounded at the same time. This series also explores the ways in which monotony amplifies our senses of smallness in the roles we embody in relation to the grand scheme of the world.

This project utilizes Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effect, and Adobe Media Encoder. Key concepts I explored include looping, framing, and perspective.

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Stuck in Time
Stuck in TimeStuck in TimeStuck in TimeStuck in TimeStuck in Time
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