Publication Design
Unveiling typography's art of storytelling in design.

This book is a documentation and exploration of a series of typographical exercises. Every week for a total of eight weeks, I designed at least 10 different covers for a magazine publication, making sure each design exploration is as varied as possible from one another. Each exploration must be at least 8” x 8” and utilize San Serif Helvetica Neue LT.

All explorations must contain the some or all of a predefined copy framework

Each chapter signifies a new week and therefore a new set of parameters. Each chapter features the best top five designs out of the 10+ explorations I made for that week. As the weeks progress, the parameters become less limiting. For example, in Week One, the magazine covers can only utilize a type that has the same size and same weight, whereas fast forward to the last week, the magazine covers can use any size, weight, color, lines, and other elements. This opens the door for more options and creative freedom, but at the same time opens the door for confusion and indecision. All studies are sketched first, then done on a computer using a page layout program, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. I also collected enticing layouts done by other designers/artists for inspiration which is documented at the end of the book.

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